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Born in the very south of Brazil and having had a good amount of homes scattered around the globe, design has always been a constant throughout my life.
My first ever work experience was in I.T. and it set the tone for the digital path I’ve trodden. From Marketing to Employer Branding, I have worked in several multinational companies in different sectors. Finally, in the last couple years, I understood that what had always truly spoken to me was user experience. Therefore, I have been specialising in the field.


In 2022, I've graduated in the Université de Lille's Global E-Business Master program, a course with a strong focus on HCI. Currently, besides working as UX/UI freelance Designer, I'm undertaking the UX Design Institute's and ESPM's courses certifications.


Normally, I can’t stop myself from having a pen - for doodling and writing around - or a camera - for filming and photographing whatever passes my way. This love for creation has been translated into my work with user interfaces.

At a young age, the entrepreneurial bug bit me and I couldn’t help but delve into various projects which allowed me to unite playfulness with strategy. Since then I’ve designed websites, apps, managed social media accounts, filmed videos, and taken pictures for a bunch of lovely people.


In the end, I believe that telling and hearing stories is what gets people moving. So far, this is mine ;).

P.S.: Ah, and if you're curious, in my free time there's a 99% chance I'll be going on about music, football, or my next adventure. Usually preferred when the three are involved. 

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